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Wedding Photographer’s Top Tips

Michelle Wedding Photographer

Today, my friends there is an air of trepidation and excitement in PBM HQ (Photography by Michelle) (wow that make me sound big) Today, (drum roll please) I will publish my first blog post. Okay, so it’s not ground breaking news but an exciting endeavour for me none the less.

Now, it’s worth mentioning from the outset that I write in a similar manner to which I speak, therefore I would encourage you to apply internally (or externally if your surroundings allow) a light hearted inflection while reading this and most likely all of my posts. J I hope that all my posts will be informative and easy to read. That when you finish reading my posts you will have gained something form them and not just scan read through the usual.  “I shot a wedding recently in this fab hotel in Kilkenny, so and so did the cake and flowers… etc etc..  (Ah who am I kidding I will post one of those sure it’s great for the aul google rankingsJ.)

So for my first ever post I have decided to share some of my top tips. (Don’t click away please, this is my first blog post, I need your moral support)
I have over 12 years’ experience as a wedding photographer so I have picked up some tips along the way.  I hope.  Let’s begin, in no particular order. A Wedding Photographer’s Top Tips.


Bride's Tears

Top Tip Number One:

Don’t forget your tissues.  Let’s face it. It’s an emotional day; there will be tears, If not from the Groom then possible the Bride.  So it’s a good idea to have a tissue to hand.  “But where will I put a tissue, I will be wearing a wedding dress “ I hear you shoutsimple, in your Dad’s jacket pock and your new Groom’s pocket. One will always be close by you and you have somewhere to put it when you’re finished.

Top Tip Number Two:
 During the many, many weddings I have photographed when my Brides would like to top up their lip stick or lip gloss just before the photographs it’s often in a bag in a car that is not close by.  Why not buy a second one and give it to your groom to have in his pocket for you. He will be right beside you for the photographs. Or give it to me and I will pop it into my camera bag for you.


Top Tip Number Three:
Water, you will be so thirsty during the day. You will have thanked and kissed up to 200 people after your ceremony.  The adrenaline that has been pumping through your body all day burns up a lot of water and makes you very thirsty. Pack some small sports bottles of water in the car you are traveling to the ceremony in and the car you will be traveling in after the ceremony.  Oh and a straw also if you are worried about your lipstick.

Top Tip Number Four:
Book Michelle Dixon as your wedding photographer  … What??  I can’t put in a cheeky  plug for my own business J. I’m leaving number four in, it’s a good tip.

Top Tip Number Five:
It’s your wedding day, you are marringing the person you love, this is the most important thing on the day. Don’t stress the little things, if one small part of your day doesn’t go to plan dont get overly stressed.  The most important thing is that you will be married and you will have the people you love around you.

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